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August 17, 2009



I have to add. My mother is using the ecig and hasn't has a cigarette since March.
My mother, my child's grandmother, was wheezing and had boughts of COPD. Those days are gone, and this 60 year old woman is now walking everyday. The Advair and inhaler hasn't been used once.
I was upset at the FDA the other day and found myself explaining why to my child. First I had to explain the FDA. I'm not sure this was fully understood beyond the fact that it was a bunch of people that decided things for other people.
Understanding bad things and a little was a lot easier. I explained that sometimes bad things were okay if done in little amounts. As an expample, I brought up candy which is limited at our house.
I explained that a littleel amount of bad things where in the ecig. I explained that these things were okay and wouldn't hurt Grandma because they were also in the gum and the other things Grandma tried in her effort to stop smoking. I also explained that the group of people also okayed the medicine Grandma took that made her grumpy and sick.
This was when my child told me her cousin bought the gum that Grandma used for awhile, and she bought it all the time at WalMart.
After I resisted the urge to immediately call my brother, I set out to explained the upcoming comparison in a way that a child could understand.
I explained that tobacco had A LOT of bad things in them.
For such a young mind, I used the grass in front of as an example.
I reached down and picked some grass and said that the grass in the front of us was the bad stuff in tobacco and the grass in my hand was the bad stuff in the ecig.
I must say, the O shaped mouth expressed my feelings of disbelief too.
For you adults, copy and paste the following.
Maybe it's time for the FDA to ask if they feel any guilt over the people they are condemning to dealth. I hope they soon realize it could be there mother, their child, their coworker, their friend because there will be several if ecig users go back to tobacco, or other smokers can't make the switch if the ecig is banned.
At this point, my kid looked at me and said, "Are the group of people bad? How come they want Grandma to get sick again?


I'm not a smoker and I, along with other non-smokers, do not understand the reasoning behind the FDA's actions. Sure I've read the anti ecig reasons and for us they have nothing to do with the Ecig--greed, self-interest, and it's my way or no way.
Around a million people are using the ecig. That means our parents,children, and other family loved ones are off tobacco. It means that our neighbors, our friends, and other loved ones are off tobacco.
For years Americans question why certain products made it to the market that shouldn't but we always made excuses for the FDA because we didn't want to give up trust in them.
This though has stripped so many of any trust. As far as alot of people are concerned there ought to be an investigation into this government agency.
But such an investigation would mean involving government. Our senators and our congressman. So, not too many Americans would have any faith in the outcome because the majority of us don't trust our representatives.

Nancy Dearsley

Is the FDA going completly nuts??
Cigarettes have been legally sold throuhout the world for hundreds of years,goverments have received Billions of dollars from the tax levied on them,despite over 12 Million Americans having died from the cancer causing toxins found in regular tobacco.
nicorettes and other pharmaceutical nicotine replacement products are also FDA approved and also making millions to the revenue departments and they dont work any better than an ecigarette in reducing ones smoking intake
So what is all the fuss about an electronic cigarette that the FDA know is still less harmful than regular legal cigarettes,please spend more time worrying about heroin and crack cocaine that can be purchased all over the world without a single cent of tax revenue.
Its all about money and the control of the big boys in the tobacco and pharmaceutical companies who are terrified they may loose the hold on the addicted, tax paying smoker

tony vandeputte

How can any government that allows the sale of traditional cigarettes,that contain all the known chemicals that have caused over 12 million deaths in the USA since the early sixties,ban electronic cigarettes because they are supposed to be unhealthy.
It is obvious that if one is smoking an ecigarette they cant be smoking areal cigarette at the same time.
Therefore if I smoke 10 ecigs a day and 10 regular cigarettes a day as I now do,rather than the 30 to 40 regular cigarettes that I used to smoke prior to using my own cecorette purchased in the UK,I must be reducing my intake of toxins from tax paid FDA approved conventional marlboro lights.
Ask this to the Judge...Its all about the cigarette and pharmaceutical companies trying to stop competition from the new breed of ecigarette entrepreneurs.
Judge please be reasonable and allow the use of ecigs,just tax them and we will all be happy and healthier.


The e-cig to me looks like the next generation of the Nicorette Inhaler and it sounds to me that the big tobaco companies and the fda are mad that thay did not come up with the idea first. There is a very easy solution to this. Use simaler guidlines that the Nicorette Inhaler or patch or gum has. All these item are made with alot of the same stuff. Just read the lables.


So does this mean if I sy switching to light cigarettes helped me quit smoking then a light cigarette is a drug delivery device? (Too bad this thing doesn't have emoticons to make the crazy face).


They are extremly dangerous to the bottom line of the cessation manufacturing company that spent millions to get these bans in the first place, thereby undermining the entire purpose of smoking bans. Also, unlike Chantix, they have no mind altering drugs and can be safely used by airline pilots, railroad engineers, truck drivers, and others in jobs where public safety is an issue.


The E cigarette, wow.I'll give you some history about my self. I have COPD from smoking, 2 packs of giggs a day. I also have Asthma. I also have high blood pressure. I went from 2 packs a day to nothing, The E cigarette is amazing. My heart rate went from 122 beats per minute to 88 beats per minute. I'm living proof that the E cigarette is a life saver. The government need to shut up, and stay out of it. This device, E cigarette needs to be in the hands of every smoker out there.

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