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August 28, 2009


kris sergentakis

it is obvious Federal Judge Keenan was improperly influenced

Kenneth Price

Ye Gon has definitely worn out his welcome in Mexico, (his newly-adopted 'home' country in 2002)so why not try to evade authorities world-wide by seeking "asylum" in the very country that he has helped to overwhelm with an illegal drug as deadly as methamphetamine.
As the popular middle-eastern saying goes...'Only in America'...


Here is a link to what they found when they arrested Zhenli Ye Gon - and now he is going to get off...smells like a skunk to me...Corruption? as we say in Mexico " donde quiera se cuecen habas" Everywhere beans are cooked -
Why is there nothing in the news in the US about this??
Check this picture out -


I live in Mexico and our government has been working VERY VERY hard to get rid drug cartels - and they finally catch one and he is getting off? It is ALL OVER THE NATIONAL news here and yet I can find NOTHING in the US news media on this!! What is going on!?

James C. Fallon

Obstruction of Justice by AUSA

Why are federal prosecutors not charged with a crime when they hide exculpatory evidence, subborn perjury, lie to a grand jury and then lie to an appellate panel
about false facts to secure a high restitution order ratified? If anyone
else did this they would face a dozen
criminal charges.
I know first hand how corrupt federal prosecutors are and why they have no use for truth or justice, they just "get" people!


Good article.Keep it up good work.

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