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July 29, 2009


Garrison Attorney

There is a balance that needs to be attained between making fair decisions based on a large number of votes, and a fairly speedy decision. Somehow I think the decision-making process is always going to be slow-moving.

The Democrats CONTROL Congress! They have a filler buster proof majority! The Republicans cannot stop them. If the nominees aren't confirmed it's because Democrats haven't confirmed them. Republicans are stalling the process - What a SPIN!


"Many fine judicial nominees have been waiting years to be given a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Judge Robert Conrad has waited 365 days; Tom Farr has been waiting 600 days; Peter Keisler has been waiting 750 days; Steve Matthews has waited 310 days."

"July 16, 2008--Over the last few years Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) has pleaded there is not enough time to vote on President Bush’s judicial nominees--yet he has found the time to be a movie star."

injury lawyers perth

Stalling to preserve floor time?

Account Deleted

Good question. Under Senate rules, any one senator, of any party, can force procedural delays that slow down legislation or a nomination. Having 60 votes allows one side to end those delays — and "break the filibuster" — but doing so can still require several days.

Jonathan W.

"The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee accused Republicans today of stalling the confirmation of nominees for top legal jobs."

How exactly is that done? With 60 Democrat votes, Leahy blames Republicans? What's stalling here and why?

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