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July 02, 2009



Calling the comments "amusing" is an understatement. He worked for Reagan and Bush. He's a professor at a conservative law school. His writings are conservative (see his bio at the law school web site and read some). He is pro life. He did support Obama and has explained at length why. You may disagree, but that fact doesn't turn him into a liberal. The idea that he did this in order to be appointed ambassador to Malta (when he already works in Malibu!) is just nutty. With his background, he would have been better off job-wise with a Republican president.


Some of these comments are amusing. He is Catholic and wrote extensively discussing why voting for Obama promoted Catholic ends. He has a Republican background, including working for Republican administrations.

bea ferreira

This is consistent with Obama's in your face politics that does not consider people's fundamental right to a representative that would be close to Malta's very Catholic population.

An Old Judge

"Conservative"? That is an assertion unsupported by any factual evidence. Would you be willing to articulate why you think he is conservative?


great post



His soul for Malta.

What a deal.

Lawyers are so smart, especially those who pretend to be Catholic.

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