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July 20, 2009


Joseph Hayden

It is cases like these that get headlines and keep the public thinking that something is being done about drug trafficking. When, in fact, the only beneficiaries of these operations are law enforcement. They justify their jobs and perpetuate the myth that certain drugs are inherently bad. Prohibition is a complete failure. Let's look at drug policy instead of these "sophisticated organizations" which are a dime a dozen.

K. A. Foster

As we are pushed into the North American Alliance then we need to stop this type of drug traffic and violence associated. I live near the Tijuana boarder where last year there were 4500 deaths. If this continues and we open our boarders how bad do you think this will get and how many more innocent people will die. With a $50,000,000 reward such as this someone will come forward. This should get some desperate person's attention who needs the money and wants out of the situation they are in and fear.


I've never heard of a big federal drug indictment that wasn't "stunning," etc. What is "stunning" is that cocaine prosecutions are tied to marijuana prosecutions. It's a problem that's never going to be stopped or fixed until it's seen in reasonable perspective. Desperate people in Latin America are going to supply the insatiable North American drug appetite. Federal officials are going to pump up their self-importance. And new players move into the old players' places.

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