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June 19, 2009



Can all these crimes be related to the theft of Intellectual Property by former IBM patent counsel and employees, could this be the reason Obama is tapping IBM executives and Foley & Lardner attorneys to key commerce positions, in effect to continue the cover up of the crimes against the United States Patent & Trademark Offices and inventors? At the heart of the matter are technologies that revolutionized the digital imaging and video content creation and distribution channels in almost every product that utilizes such technologies.

The technologies opened the door for things like Internet and Cell Phone full screen, full frame rate video over low bandwidths. They solved for image pixel distortion on zoom of low resolution images and now are commonly found on all Digital Cameras, the Hubble, Space Simulators, Medical Imaging Devices, Televisions, Graphic Chips, Internet Video Players (i.e. Microsoft Media Player, Apple Quicktime, Real Player, etc.), Satellite and Military Imaging Applications. Coined the “Holy Grail” of digital imaging and video by leading experts and engineers, from Intel, SGI and Lockheed, including Hassan Miah, the technologies were then alleged stolen by the very patent attorneys that were supposed to be patenting them, read on.

I personally have been trying to notify regulators and authorities of a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR patent theft that is putting investors in certain tech companies at huge risk. Companies involved in the alleged crimes and now in a TRILLION dollar federal lawsuit include Intel, Lockheed, SGI and IBM. The companies involved in the fraud fail to acknowledge the risk exposing shareholders and citizens to impending liabilities as required by FASB accounting Rule 5, hiding the impending liabilities. A SEC complaint has been filed against Intel and Lockheed for failure to notify shareholders of liability @

Investigators, courts and federal agents have been notified of the crimes and evidence, including a car-bombing attempt on my life and the US Patent Office has now suspended the Iviewit Intellectual Properties pending investigations by the USPTO, the attorney disciplinary of the USPTO the Office of Enrollment and Discipline and Federal Authorities. I know how Harry Markopolos felt trying to expose Madoff in a world without regulation and where government agencies have been infiltrated to subterfuge the crimes by the law firms involved.

Many of today’s biggest crimes like Madoff, Allen Stanford and Marc Drier are alleged tied to the thefts, as money laundering vehicles for the stolen inventor royalties. Did I hear Proskauer Rose is involved in Madoff (involved many clients too) and acted as Allen Stanford's attorney. Investors who lost money in these scams should start looking at the law firms, like Proskauer's assets for recovery. First, Proskauer partner Gregg Mashberg claims Madoff is a financial 9/11 for their clients, if they directed you to Madoff sue them. Then, Proskauer partner Thomas Sjoblom former enforcement dude for SEC and Allen Stanford attorney, declares PARTY IS OVER to Stanford employees and advises them to PRAY, this two days before SEC hearings. Then at the SEC hearings, he lies with Holt to SEC saying she only prepared with him but fails to mention Miami meeting at airport hanger which witnesses state was held to mislead SEC investigators. Then Sjoblom resigns as Stanford counsel and sends an email to the SEC disaffirming all statements made by him and Proskauer, his butt on fire. If you were burned in Stanford sue Proskauer. The FBI has arrested Stanford and the indictment clearly points to Sjoblom and Proskauer as the legal counsel involved in committing Fraud on the SEC to derail their investigation.

Proskauer Rose and Foley & Lardner are also in a TRILLION dollar FEDERAL LAWSUIT legally related to a WHISTLEBLOWER CASE, an insider of the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division First Department Departmental Disciplinary Committee, who claims Obstruction of attorney complaints, threats, physical assaults by her superiors and coercion in her case in FEDERAL COURT. That case now has been marked legally "related" to the Iviewit TRILLION dollar suit. Marc S. Dreier, another attorney Defendant in the Iviewit suit, was involved in Iviewit through patent attorney Raymond A. Joao of Meltzer Lippe who put 90+ patents in his own name! Proskauer Partner Kenneth Rubenstein brought in Joao.

Rubenstein is the sole patent evaluator for the MPEGLA LLC patent pools and former Iviewit Patent Counsel. MPEG is now the largest infringer of the stolen Iviewit technology, Rubenstein in fact stealing the technologies for his client MPEGLA, that he helped form, perhaps to steal inventors’ inventions, as patent pools in the past have done and why the DOJ has historically broken them up as anticompetitive monopolistic schemes. Of course, as the case with the SEC and other government agencies under Bush, the Antitrust Department regulatory body evaporated.

Of special note, former IBM patent counsel William J. Dick, yes, Dick Dick, and IBM plant manager Brian G. Utley were intimately involved in the theft of the IP and were brought to Iviewit by Proskauer Rose. Dick was far eastern patent counsel for IBM and together with Utley and Christopher C. Wheeler of Proskauer were all involved in a previous patent theft attempt of a Florida Billionaire, Monte Friedkin. Perhaps the reason IBM is now infiltrating the US Patent Office, Obama and Holder have been notified about the crimes, making recent decisions to have members of Foley & Lardner and IBM assigned to key Commerce Departments hard to imagine, since they are involved with this case under state, federal and international investigations.

The Trillion Dollar suit according to Judge Shira Scheindlin is one of PATENT THEFT, MURDER & A CAR BOMBING. For graphics on the car bombing of the main inventor of the technologies, Eliot I. Bernstein, please visit
The Federal Court cases
United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Docket 08-4873-cv - Bernstein, et al. v Appellate Division First Department Disciplinary Committee, et al. - TRILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT
Cases @ US District Court - Southern District NY
(07cv09599) Anderson v The State of New York, et al. - WHISTLEBLOWER LAWSUIT
(07cv11196) Bernstein, et al. v Appellate Division First Department Disciplinary Committee, et al.
(07cv11612) Esposito v The State of New York, et al.,
(08cv00526) Capogrosso v New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, et al.,
(08cv02391) McKeown v The State of New York, et al.,
(08cv02852) Galison v The State of New York, et al.,
(08cv03305) Carvel v The State of New York, et al., and,
(08cv4053) Gizella Weisshaus v The State of New York, et al.
(08cv4438) Suzanne McCormick v The State of New York, et al.
( ) John L. Petrec-Tolino v. The State of New York

Josh Kay

The patent office has long been underfunded and eliminating overtime will only create more of a backup of patent applications (although I believe patent applications have been down this year). Hopefully the President's appointment will help make the USPTO more fiscally sound and efficient.

For more on changes to the patent system see

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