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June 19, 2009


Michael Jackson Halloween

I wonder what the status of Raymone Bain's allegations and suit stand now after all that's happened? Michael Jackson will live forever in the hearts and minds of his many fans.


Good or bad, news about Michael Jackson thrills many. Thanks for a great post.


The only way around that document would be if Bain hasn't been paid yet.


The agreement was presented to the court. A friend of mine has a copy of it and it is airtight

Robert P

Don't understand why there are so many negative people out there against Michael's sickening. For those that stupid to believe those high powered lawyers would walk into a court room without having proof she signed a are beyond stupid. This is not school yard here...da?.........


Did Jackson's lawyer submit a copy of the "release" agreement Bain allegedly signed? If not, I'll bet one does not exist.

How is it possible Jackson did not know of the lawsuit until June 7th? I find this very hard to believe. I'll bet a judge won't believe it either.

If Jackson's lawyers can't produce a valid "release" agreement signed by Bain, then I could forsee the judge allowing the default judgment to stand (a very harsh penalty) in light of the absence of any valid and reasonable excuse for failing to appear in court.

And if the judgment stands, there goes the concerts for sure.

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