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June 16, 2009


Capt Kirk

I flash my lights like Mr. Zaid: "He’s flashed his lights at intersections. He’s flashed his lights at pedestrians and to animals. And he’s flashed his lights to warn drivers about speed traps." And also because they make a quieter warning in lieu of the horn. In some European cities, drivers are forbidden use of the horn, and must flash their lights instead. Also, sometimes I flash my lights because I'm pretending I'm on Star Trek, and I'm blasting some Klingon ship out of my way.


I am so glad to read that there is people who figth for his rigths. Good Job Mark Zaid.

Mary, Montgomery County, MD, resident

Mr. Zaid has my family's full support.


If only we could generate similar outrage around, say, government secrecy. Pick something.

Zaid seems to have a lot of energy. Has anyone told him that the NSA is tapping his phone calls and emails as a matter of course?


This is SOOO cool! What a load! Writing tickest for breaking a non-existent law.

Mark - you should request that they provide you a copy of his "military duty" orders - or see if they are blowing smoke about that too...I have a feeling the officer is sitting at a Starbucks somewhere in Maryland on full pay for the day, after having been told to make himself scarce...


Ratandeep Pahwa

I am so glad someone has spoken up. Personally I have never gotten a ticket for such a thing, but have had family members who have. I think it's a desperate measure for the police officers to fill their "quotas" and bring in revenue for the county/state.
Good Job Mr Zaid!

- Ratandeep Pahwa

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