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May 07, 2009


Nina M.

You can set a Blackberry to whatever time you choose, then write an email - and the email will be time stamped with the time you choose (not the actual time).

In other words, at 10pm tonight, I can take my Blackberry, set the time to 11:04, write and save two emails, and the time stamps on both saved emails will read (for example) 11:05 and 11:07. I can then set my Blackberry back to the correct time - say, 10:05 - but those emails will still be time stamped 11:05 and 11:07.

What you can't change is the time stamp indicating when the emails are received. In Mrs. Wone's inbox, a message would arrive that would indicate it was created at 11:05, but her computer would show it really arrived at 10:05.

Which is, IMHO, why the emails were written, but never sent. The motive to write and not send such emails would be to establish that Wone was alive and not under duress (or dying) at 11:05 and 11:07. Its an easy little trick to play.

Given that you can so easily change the time stamp on emails sent via Blackberry, I fail to understand why - even if the Blackberry were in hand - it would be considered reliable evidence. That the Blackberry is missing just makes it all the more irrelevant.

If this is the best the defense has got, they are in deep trouble.

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