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May 06, 2009


John Guest

I do not defend any particular action by Sen. Specter. He has certainly disappointed me in some of his votes and I am a republican. However, does anyone recall a popular book by democrat Senator, later President John Kennedy entitled "Profiles in Courage." The theme of those stories profiled men who made tough decisions on personal principle while sacrificing personal popularity. Time clarifies who is right. In an age when everyone decries the lack of bi-partisanship, perhaps we should remember the examples in those stories and how they turned out.


If Specter wants to be treated like a Democrat, he has to stop acting like a republican.


Time somebody put the specter on notice can not sit on both sides of the fence


Now that we have real leadership in the White House, it's time for people to shift their thinking from selfish interestes to serving the greater good. I'm glad to see the Obamas setting the example for service.


Specter knows how the game is played. He just forgot which team he was playing on. Having headed for the Republican goal posts repeatedly in the last few days an aggravated Reid decided to bust him.


Specter's move is interesting and follows historical precedent. Remember the Democrats during the late 1940s when Truman integrated the armed forces? The Southern Democrats jumped ship and are now the most vocal wing of the Conservative Republicans. When the going gets rough, principal goes out of the window. Rember Sen. "L" who is now in another party.
All of them are opportunists and the people be damned.


Yes, Specter turned to be democrat just because he wants to keep his seat.


Support a real Progressive candidate against Specter in the primary!

Thomas Mc

Specter is neither a Democrat nor a Republican. He thinks only of himself, not his constituents. I hope he gets mad and quits.

sam I am

Voters want an end to POLITICAL HYPOCRISY and POLITICAL EXPEDIENCE and POLITICAL SPIN. No matter what anyone says, SPECTER is not a loyal Democrat, and when Senior Democrats like Leahy try to give the impression that he is, they are looking more like phony REPUBLICANS than honest DEMOCRATS.


Thank God someone came to their senses!

Elliott SHannonhouse

Specter joined the Democrats to save his own skin. Fair enough, but then to bite the hand that feeds you is almost laughably arrogant. What did Specter think was going to happen? Arlen, you can play by your own rules if you want, but watch out or you won't have anybody else on your team from either side.

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