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May 22, 2009



Sheriff's throughout the country ought to demand that federal agents of all levels check their guns at their office before operating in their jurisdictions.

This should clearly send a message to DC and the feds that reciprocity is a two way street. Also HR 218 should be suspended, or not honored for either DC or feds on a local level.

Food for thought!


There is much more to this than what's reported in this short story. Robert Ord is not a private security officer, he is a POLICE OFFICER who also owns and runs a security agency. Under federal law he is absolutely entitled to carry a firearm in the District. DC cops KNEW he was a sworn law enforcement officer from Virginia but decided to prosecute him anyway on a completely false gun charge, which included lying under oath in their application for his arrest warrant. Mr. Ord was doing high profile jobs in DC and the cops don't like private agencies taking away their lucrative off-duty overtime details. So they abused their authority and raided one of his worksites, arresting two of his officers at gunpoint while they were protecting kids at a day care center. It made the front page of the Examiner at the time. With employees arrested, property confiscated, and an arrest warrant issued, for the judge to say that Mr. Ord doesn't have standing to sue is just ridiculous. DC cannot be allowed to simply ignore federal law whenever they don't agree with it. I hope Mr. Ord wins big and I think he will.

Herb Martin

And not just ORD, but also (at least) the concealed handgun license holders from every state in the Union should be free to carry peaceably in DC.


Washington DC - one of the highest crime rates in the country. Why can't the leaders in DC understand that their crime rate is, in large part, due to the gun ban that has been in effect for years? Criminals know that they are safe to impose their will anywhere in DC because there are no citizens armed to defend themselves. The fact that a Conservator of the Peace isn't even allowed to carry in DC is ridiculous.

I will be watching this closely and I hope that Mr. Ord is successful, as he has clearly been victimized not only by the laws and the police in DC, but also by the courts themselves.

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