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May 01, 2009



What about an Asian woman?

If President Obama really wanted to continue making hisotry, he should appoint an Asian-American woman like: Sabita Singh from the Massachusetts Circuit Court.

Jerome Kowalski

Overlooked by all observers and pundits is the fact that one of the Supreme Court's greatist jurists who served with great distinction, posessed of great intelelect and set an as yet unmatched high standard for elegant writing, was in fact a Hispanic:

Benjamin Cardozo


I agree, no more federal judges. Souter was the only one who hadn't actually served as a federal judge (though he had been appointed to the First Circuit). There should be some variety on the bench. I'd also like to see someone who didn't go to Harvard or Yale on the bench (Ginsburg doesn't count - she spent most of her time at Harvard) besides Stevens. Intellectual qualification is important, but there are a lot of qualified people who didn't go/couldn't afford to go to such schools, and it sends a message that you need to go there to be successful when our high bench is packed with their grads. I like Sears as well because of her biography, but I don't know much about her jurisprudence.


Robert Katzmann -- 2d Cir.

Kirk Michael

How about jurisprudence first, regardless of race, gender, and "I am lonely", etc, that kind of bullshit?


I think Mark Cady of the Iowa Supreme Court would be a great choice.


What about Patrick Greaney, recently retired SJC Justice for Massachusetts. Very much in Obama's fold.


Just a coincidence that this spring Sears took her name out of the running as a finalist for the deanship at Univ. of Maryland Law?

Tom Ace

Judge Hull isn't African-American (see, and I'm not sure I'd characterize her as liberal.


What about Judge Frank Hull of the 11th Circuit (Atlanta)? Liberal, African-American and a woman! Also, she's widely respected and from the South (to counterbalance her fellow Georgian, Justice Thomas). Seems like an ideal pick to me...


i think chief justice leah ward sears of the georgia supreme court would be an interesting choice. please no more federal judges!

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