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April 27, 2009


Edna Lee Moffitt

As the wife of Bill Moffitt I had the opportunity to watch up close and personal how much of his life he devoted to the practice of law. He was always concerned about his clients and always gave the best of himself for their welfare. His memory will live on by those he inspired and we are all the better for having known him.
Thank you for all of the kindness which the community of lawyers and friends have shown in his honor. I sincerely thank you and know that Bill would thank you also.

Derrick Page, Esq.

I loved to watch Mr. Moffitt share his wisdom on national television. As a new attorney in DC I looked forward to watching him practice his trade in person. Although we never met, I consider him a spiritual mentor and he will be sorely missed in the profession and in the world.
To a champion of justice and lion in the courtroom.
Have Peace.

Pilar G. Moffitt

Bill Moffitt was not just an incredible lawyer to me, he was my father. I will never be able to fully express how proud I am of all he accomplished and his ability to inspire. He LOVED what he did, the law was his passion.

I want to thank everyone for sharing their memories and giving their support. Because of you my father will never ever be forgotten.

Thank you.

JT Harris

Bill was my friend and was always there when I needed advice on a legal matter. I find it hard to believe that he is no longer here and I miss him.

Robert D. Rawlins

Bill, Lenny, and I were the best of friends through high school. Our shared experiences helped each other to grow into manhood.

Bill was in my wedding, and when my son attended the University of Virginia, I told him that if you ever get into trouble, call Uncle Bill. Thankfully, he never had to make that call, but I knew that he would be OK with having Uncle Bill only a phone call away.

Bill had the highest level of integrity and had no interest in being politically correct. Our country will be a little poorer without Bill.

Leonard P Hubbard

Billy Moffitt was a great friend, a classmate at Brooklyn Tech, a brother of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and a brother of Les Hommes Du Monde, three friends who will always be together in spirit.

We love you Billy! Thank you for all the wonderful memories, laughs and lessons. You made a serious impact on my life and the lives of so many others. We were always so proud of you. Be at peace...

In True Omega Spirit, your brother,



Bill Moffitt was a great spirit, and a great fighter for civil and constitutional rights. He would never use the term "defendant," but only "the accused," because the concept, "innocent until PROVEN guilty" was sacrosanct to him. I was one of the first "accused" in one of the many prosecutions brought against the LaRouche political movement, prosecutions which former Attorney General Ramsey Clark described as the longest-running case of prosecutorial misconduct either experienced by him or known to him. Bill's was the first face that I saw after being held many hours by the FBI on the day of my blitzkrieg arrest. Moffitt inspired a belief that justice could prevail, even in those most difficult of circumstances, and some of that government misconduct was eventually exposed in Federal Court in Boston where Bill Moffitt defended.

Mike Maurer

The big grin, and the contagious laughter that accompanied it will be sorely missed.
He and John F. Mark were the best of their kind.
Mike Maurer

Megan Nielsen Lee

I was honored to be one of his students at NCDC. A great man, an incredible trial lawyer. I struggle to express how much of an impact he had upon young lawyers across the country through his teaching.

He will be missed.

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