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April 27, 2009


An Old Judge

I believe that serving as Legal Director of the National Abortion Rights Action League places one pretty decisively at one extreme of the abortion debate, and I suspect that has something to do with the lack of bipartisan support for this nomination.


Douglas Kmiec participated in a conference call that was organized by a coalition of liberal groups, including Alliance for Justice, NARAL Pro-Choice America (of which Johnsen was once the legal director), the National Women's Law Center, and People for the American Way?

Don't trust Kmiec's posted credentials without checking. Ed Whelan says

)" I was surprised to see this description in his byline: “Douglas W. Kmiec served as head of and principal deputy in the Office of Legal Counsel from 1985 to 1989.”

In fact, Kmiec headed OLC, first as acting AAG, then as the appointed AAG, for a total of about eight months—from (as best I can tell) roughly August 1988 to April 1989—at the end of the Reagan administration (after Chuck Cooper and most of his deputies had left the office) and the beginning of the Bush 41 administration (until President Bush was able to replace him). "

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