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April 23, 2009


LRM 329

On a related note, attorneys are not paid for overtime hours. However, they are REQUIRED to submit signed timesheets for ONLY 40 hours, no matter how many hours they actually work. In other words, attorneys are required to FALSIFY their work records. Time sheets and computer time reporting are not accepted if they differ from the prescribed formula (identical starting and quitting times every day), regardless of the actual circumstances.

Then, it is constantly suggested to them that they want to walk out of the office at 5pm every day and are not committed to their jobs.

And lastly, because the union contract with the OAG guarantees AWS, Mr. Nickels' decision to recind AWS will cost the City money to defend the union's unfair labor practice action.

Under these circumstances, for Mr. Nickles to imply that his attorneys (rather than he) are incompetent and uncommitted is ludicrous!

LRM 329

Mr. Mendolson is correct. The AWS (alternative work schedule) doesn't cost the City a cent. Attornys put in well over 40 hours each week, and most only take the AWS day when they can. The work always comes first. On the other hand, without a preset AWS schedule to depend on, the City will wind up paying attorneys for leave taken to address personal matters: Sick leave for doctor's appointments, annual leave for other things. These are PAID hours, where the AWS time is free to the City.

Concerned DC

Peter Nickles isnt a resident of the District and he still remains AG of DC, which is against the law. Ridiculous.

He does not care about the District, its citizens, employees, or the Council. The Council confirmed him when they should have looked deeper into this man. He is not what the District needs. He still keeps his office down w/the Mayor. Give me a break.

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