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April 07, 2009



Unfortunately, Judge Sullivan is the rare judge who observes prosecutorial misconduct and demands and independent investigation. The behavior of the prosecutors in the Stevens' trial is something that goes on all the time amongst prosecutors in all jurisdictions. We in DC should be so lucky to have a judge like Judge Sullivan in the Superior Court. If such gross misconduct is perpetrated against someone like Stevens, think about what happens to individuals that are not fortunate enough to have access to a million dollar defense team. There are plenty of victims like Stevens (and I'm not saying he is innocent of the charges) rotting in jail because they do not have the access to money for a thorough defense. As Judge Sullivan said, the purpose of the prosecutors is to find the truth; not invent it!

Emanuel McCray

Someone ought to remind the Justice Department about the $100million civil rights lawsuit against the Governors of Wyoming (former US Attorney) and Washington (former Attorney General) that individuals in the DOJ are trying to sweep under the rug. See Document #340 at

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