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April 16, 2009



Torture is not acceptable (would you really accept it being done to American troops) and the Bush claims that it lead to saving the world have been proven untrue insofar as specifics have been released (and they have). That said, we look at waterboarding and the like, may disagree, and ultimately give deference to the people who were making sincere calls as to what they thought was best for the country. The Obama administration deserves praise and not some bluster about the rules going out the window becuase "war is hell." War is always hell. And the US has always been strong enough to play by the rules that we rightfully demand of others.


It's about time the Gov stopped this crap against our brave men.

War is hell ! Theother bucn beheads our men and other torucher and we are supposed to say touch sh-- to the families !!

What a buch of BS when the liberals say our US Constution rights must appy to the combatans !

Or the Genava conventions !! More BS !!

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