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April 03, 2009



"Not so coincidentally, former Maryland state senator Tommie Broadwater owns a gentlemen’s club that received a license on Aug. 14, 1981."

Of course! The corrupt people making these laws enjoy degrading women and that is the real reason they allow these places to stay in business.

Marty Klein, Ph.D

i never knew a person at a bar at 11am who was happy, but we let adults make their own choices, don't we?
we even let adults gamble money they can't afford, marry people they can't stand, smoke deadly cigarettes, and eat diets that will kill them early--leaving widows and children behind.
only when the subject is sex do people suddenly discover how much they want to protect their neighbors from bad choices.

Joanne RN

Unfortunate. I know many women who have been in the sex industry and it is never a happy road that leads them there. It's also very difficult for many in the industry to transition out to a life that is healthy for them and their children. This is terrible news, actually. The only people who will be enriched here are those who prey on others' tragedy.

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