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March 31, 2009


Roger Merritt

The problem is Reid and other Democrat leaders are just as terrified as the Repugs that Johnsen will insist on making public such clear evidence of crimes committed by the Bushies that Obama and Holder won't be able to continue to brush the matter aside. The Dems were complicit in all the war crimes by failing to speak out even though they were fully briefed on what the Bushies were doing. Just like they gave Bush more than he could have dreamed of after they got a tiny majority in the House in 2006. I'm afraid Johnsen is doomed, because she is exactly the kind of lawyer we need in the OLC.

Lawrence E. Rafferty

If the Dems have any sense, they will push up the vote and force the Republicants to filibuster the vote. Reid has to call them out each and every time that they filibuster.

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