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February 03, 2009



This is hilarious coming from a Republican. They've spent the past eight years seeding the justice department with incompetent zealots from Regent University, a third tier law school.


I'm interested in watching the investigation into Rove's complicity in the political prosecution (persecution) of Governor Don Siegelman.

Being from New Mexico and active in election/voter issues I'm looking for the investigation of the firing the AGs.

I want to see real performance reviews of the rapture right Pat Robertson ideologues who have been borrowed deep within the DOJ .


“We don’t need the Department of Justice to become a liberal bastion,” he said.

Right. Not after we've worked so hard to ensure it became a conservative bulwark.


Of course he's nervous - he doesn't want to see real lawyers that respect the constitution and the rule of law. He'd rather see liberty university hacks and lackeys like gonzo.

Ms. Priss

Mr. Spiffy, I think you're right. He's afraid the chicken may come home to roost, and they should if he received improper campaign contributions. At this point we shouldn't care about party affiliations; however, we should care about what's right, and what's wrong. I just don't believe Jeff Sessions has clean hands.


The republicans in our government are the worst examples of irresponsible governing. They care nothing for helping the country. Their total support for every criminal tactic and policy Bush had is proof these republicans are two-faced hypocrites and worse.


And Sessions criticized Morrison & Foerster partner Tony West.

Hey, he's from

Jordan R.Hill

It does seem odd to me that three of the four persons criticised were private lawyers at the time they did things that Mr. Sessions disagrees with and they were all duty bound to represent their clients' interests. In the fourth case, it is an independent group that filed an amicus curae with the Court expressing their constitutional views.The 8-0 ruling was on the main case not the comments of the friend of the Court brief. He doesn't like her views but in no way does he indicated how those views might disqualify the nominees. Just hassling them; that's all.


Gee, one would think that the Republicans had won the election.

mr. spiffy

Sessions was U.S. Attorney in my hometown for years. Normal guy. Community pillar. Apparently he's had the correct dose of Karl's Kool Aid or they've sucked out his brain and replaced it with one that they had lying around Bill O'Reilly's office. Just goes to show you what Washington will do to a good man. Damn shame.


May there be another reason that Jeff Session is fighting the DOJ nominees? Remember his name came up during the Siegelman trial and aftermath regarding improper campaign contributions from the same person that DOJ used to charge Siegelman. Time Magazine's Adam Zagorin laid it out in his article,9171,1668453,00.html

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