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February 09, 2009



In a nutshell, I don't think this is the right time for a Truth Commission. We are not in a classic transitional justice situation where the nation can't move forward without airing the past. We are also not in a situation where our justice system would be overwhelmed by the volume of potential prosecutions of actors from the 'old regime.'

This type of justice forum is most useful in fulfilling the revenge instinct of a group of formerly oppressed people by allowing them (or actually a few of their representatives) to tell their stories.

Since I think few people actually know what these commissions do (and don't do), I have taken the liberty of explaining a bit on my blog (

bob klinck

To add to Jeff's list, would one of the issues
addressed by this commission be the connection of all this wrong-doing to the influence of AIPAC?

Of course not. So the commission inevitably would just be another exercise in obfuscation.


if the Repuglicans continue to try to block any real reform, then, since there is no post partisan era, we need to begin a series of investigations into the Bush White House, including what really happened on Sept 11. Best case is gross incompetence and dereliction. Why did Cheney order the military not to defend the Capitol on that day?

Bob Smith

I think Leahy may really want to to a serious investigation. He was targeted in the anthrax attack.

We need a truth commission. Take another look at the secret energy meeting, 9/11, Allen Greenspan, Halliburton.....


Would this be the same high (ha, ha) quality of "truth" that we got from the 911 Commission, and virtually every other commission put in place by US government, going back endless decades? The same quality of truth we get from virtually ALL of our politicians and their hacks, and talking heads, not to mention media in the US? That "quality" of truth"?

For starters, the wardens and corrections officers who set-up and worked in the Abu Ghraib prison and Iraq prisons during the abuse and torture period should not come back to America's prison,jails, private prisons or detention centers. Ending the torture means ending this era of those who fostered and enabled the torture and abusive behavior. They can look for a different career like so many others who have lost professional careers during corruption and abuse of power. We need transparency here.


1. the rothschilds own your government. whoever takes the seat of president, they are owned 2. the rothschilds lend your government the bailout money. 3. your government pays the bulk of the bailout loan to banks...that are owned by the rothschilds. 4. you pay back the loan with your taxes via your rothschilds owned government back to the rothschilds. ...what do you not understand? why do you argue amongst yourself about trivia? rothschilds ARE the NWO. we have only one common enemy.


the American people are ready for it but congress can`t face the truth

Mister Jimmy

If 'classified documents' imperil liberty, they should be leaked. And what far-right stooge classifies them in the first place? There never was any 'winning' of anything in Iraq to start with, so Reid was right. They haven't even stolen very much oil. Our bridges and roads crumble, kids not far from my house go to schools built in the l800's and we build roads and schools in Iraq. For what? We have lost, old buddy, by going there at all. We will soon learn of a massive 'loss' in Afghanistan too. We'll be at the end of a long line of foreigners who have failed to subdue the people of Afghanistan down through recorded time.


"Truth and Reconciliation" is a misnomer here. There is nothing to reconcile. What is needed is a "Truth and Repudiation Commission" (armed with the power of subpoena and contempt)that will expose all legal violations of the previous administration, no matter how long it takes, so that history cannot be covered up or distorted, and so we never, and I mean NEVER go back to the disastrous and unconstitutional policies of the previous administration. There will not be prosecutions, for lack of backbone, but at least the court of history can judge what we citizens allowed to happen in our name.

Larry Linn

Attempting to find truth and ethics in the Bush-Cheney administration is a waste of government funds. Truth and integrity did not exist in the Bush-Cheney Administration. It was based upon mendacity.


The "truth" commission I'd love to see is an independent tax audit of every member of congress, the senate the SCOUS and every elected or appointed official in the White House. Both parties, no exceptions.

It's about time we hold these people to the standards of the laws that they pass.

Mark Besse

Will the so called 'truth' commission look into the leak of classified documents by a senator from Vermont?

I don't think so.

Will it investigate the failure of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae by democratic leaders and contributors?

No way.

Will it charge senators with aiding and abetting the enemy during the Gulf War 2, including "we have lost" Reid?

Are you really so stupid, you need another rhetorical question?

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