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February 04, 2009



As a fan of elephants, though not necessarily circuses, I'm curious as to what the desired outcome of this trial is for the animal rights people. If the tools of the elephant handlers are deemed harmful, how can they do their jobs safely? If the elephants are removed from circuses, where will they go? Asia is not exactly wide open these days, and many of the sanctuaries are non-breeding facilities. Isn't this condemning elephants to an equally bleak future?



It's possible to be for some, but not all of those things. An animal activist may accept the use of animals for necessities, like medical research, but not for frivolities, like cosmetic testing and circuses.

However, it seems you give animals very little moral consideration, as you are pro-fur, among other frivolous uses of animals. I find it unfortunate that someone, who I no doubt considers himself a caring, moral individual, could find it acceptable to subject another being to a lifetime of misery just to satiate our appetite for fashionable clothing and entertainment.

Frank Ferrante

I'm 55 years old. I've been a fan of the circus and of the elephants that perform and thrive there all my life. I traveled with Ringling Bros. as a young man and have seen the care that many different handlers have given these great animals. I have never witnessed mistreatment of any kind by the handlers, or by the performers who present these pachyderms. I have seen the continued improvement of care for all circus animal of the past five decades. There is a bond that develops between human and animal that goes far beyond the presentation. I commend Kenneth Feld and his organization for their farsighted care of not only the performing animals, but also for the care given them when they retire from performing. The Center for Elephant Conservation began long before this trial came to light and will continue long after these short-sighted critics are silenced.

May All Your Days, Be Circus Days!
~frank ferrante
Mesa, AZ

Where are all the pretty show girls in all of this?

Lawrence Pivec

I cant believe it has come to people wanting to see an Elephant dance or where a ridiculous costume so bad that it has clouded their judgment to instead of let these endangered species live in the wild the way it was meant to be they would rather see them in a show. It is sad it has come to this.

Wendy Salick

I really hope that any intelligent person let alone a judge would be able to see this is animal abuse and should not be tolerated in any way. What a cruel and horrible way to treat a living thing! Where's the compassion? My thoughts as a child on the circus was the abuse seen through my eyes as a kid has stayed with me as an adult. I knew than it was wrong and hope others see it that way still. It's just wrong in every way!

Gary C. Payne

Go Circus! Stop the animal extremists from taking away meat, fur, fishing, hunting, a cure for cancer, milk, and the circus! I call upon the courts to expose the animal extremists businesses for what they are! Do not allow the whim to triumph over the will of many. Save the elephants by supporting Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey who have contributed more to the knowledge and conservation of elephants at their Center for Elephant Conservation in 20 years than has been done in a lifetime!

Sign me - Pro Circus!

Gary C. Payne
Circus Fan

Connee Robertson

I hope the judge in this case really listens to the animal rights people. This is important for these animals and their well being. It may be just litigation to us, but for these elephants, it is their very right to exist in a pain free world. Elephants travel many miles a day in their natural habitat, they make bonds with their families that are lifelong and meaningful. The are self aware, as are we...intelligent? I know many that are more intelligent than people are...which may not be saying a lot. Circuses are horror stories for the animals that are forced to participate in them and we that patronize them ought to be ashamed. Many animal rights people started when they were small children and someone brought them to a circus. They looked in the elephants eyes and saw misery and that misery guided them to spend their lives protecting and defending them. Children make connections that adults don't or have given up...that is that animals are not here for us. They exist for their own reasons..they are not underlings, but earthlings, and they deserve to be with their families and not tortured for our amusement.

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