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February 23, 2009



They're putting on a show for us!

The House could have done this TWO YEARS AGO! They could have impeached these fascists a dozen times over.

It only takes one senator to filibuster. One Democratic senator could have stopped any of the unconstitutional bills from passing any time in the last eight years.

The Democrats let it all happen!

Any you think they're going to do something now?! It's just theatre to make us think we live in a democracy.


Why is this important? The rule of law. Period. If you don't like it, move to another country where you will not enjoy these laws.


sence the subpeona's sent out by judiciary chairman, john conyers jr. are useless. if people see how some are above the law. then why should we respond to A subpoena by congress? can some one answer that.


Rove considers that he is immune from having to testify before congress. His actions in avioding appearing show his contempt not only for congress but for Government in general and by implication, the people of the United States. Congress should hold him in Contempt of Congress (as he is) and persue the penalty that charge requires. If that means throwing his ass behind bars, then so be it.


Good idea along with let's bring back the McCarthy hearings while we're at it. This is a witch hunt and we're not going to learn any more than we already know about this. Government attorneys have always been hired and fired for political reasons. Get over it.


It is very important that Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.); the House Judiciary Committee continue to press that Rove, Miers, and Bolten testify under oath. Anything less will be useless for future prosecutions.

Rove, Miers, and Bolten, along with Bush and Chaney should be held accountable for their wrong doings if the USA suppose to be a country of laws. Laws for all the US citizens and not excluding the privileged few.

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