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February 05, 2009


Margaret Lu

This is what the Formosans really need:

Declaration of Formosan Human Rights 2-5-2009
We, the people of Formosa at home and abroad, refuse being erroneously labeled as
"Chinese nationals", petition for our fundamental right of self-determination, and demand that
the illegitimate regime of the Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan (Formosa) be terminated
and removed perpetually from Taiwan to Kinmen /Matsu for its joint return to China.
We petition for a Declaratory Judgment of the civil rights of Formosans and a Writ of
Mandamus by the United States (US) Supreme Court to convene the United States Court of
Formosa as a war crimes tribunal for international crimes having been committed by the
Chinese Kuomintang (KMT), or the Nationalists since 1945, including but not limited to
genocide, pillaging and conspiracy for denial of the civil rights of the people of Formosa.
We petition for such rights and seek redress of our grievances and for restoration of our
inalienable civil rights under the territorial jurisdiction of the Military Arm of the US
Government (USMG) over Formosa Cession.
We seek to secure our civil rights, legal protections and due process of law in accordance
with the US Constitution, the San Francisco Peace Treaty (SFPT), Taiwan Relations Act and
the Laws of War.
The United States, as the Allied leader during World War II, was given effective territorial
jurisdiction over Japan and its Pacific islands of Formosa and the Pescadores. The US has
acted as the primary protector of these Pacific islands against all external aggressors since
1945. Thus, we petition the United States, as the Occupying Power of former Japanese
island territories, to forever remove the currently exiled ROC on Taiwan regime for their
crimes of systematic murder and oppression on Formosa and the Pescadores. Moreover, the
USA should forever terminate and banish the ROC ruling authority to jointly return with the
ROC-controlled islands of Kinmen and Matsu to China.
We seek the USMG to officially establish an unique political entity such as the Formosa Civil
Government as the sole, genuine and legitimate Successor composed by the people, of the
people and for the people of Formosans.
We petition that a new Constitution for the Formosa Civil Government be drafted for public
comment and be voted into the supreme law of our land, in accordance with the principle of
self-determination guaranteed under Article 73 of the United Nations Charter. Citizens of
Formosa deserve the equal protections of a new Constitution, with respect for the rule of law,
civil rights and the pursuit of life, liberty, and property, with justice for all.
Our fellow Formosans are peace-seeking freedom lovers. The Formosan people deserve a
free, secure and democratic future without fear of political oppression. Formosan citizens are
eager to bring and maintain peace, stability and prosperity in the Western Pacific region.
The natural beauty of Formosa beckons the spirit of harmonious unity, calling the Formosan
people to come together in solemn HOPE for the Formosa Republic !

Jerry Tsai

For last 60 years,
the Formosians are seeking justices for himselevs, including the violations of human rights against the Taiwanese people
under the ruler of KMT (the monoply party that occpy the islands of Taiwan for 60 years)
With bloodly murder & tortured control
most Taiwanese people were brainwashed,and scare to express out who,and what they are!
Under the control all media(s) by KMT,most Taiwanese never learn or know the historical
Taiwan's true status!
Taiwanese people was told Taiwan was own
by Poeple's Republic China. which were found in 1949 on the time Taiwan was Japan's territory islands.
Now it is time the U.S.M.G. coming up
under the SFPT(San Francisco Peace Treaty )
Taiwan's leagl sovereignty is still belongs to U.S.M.G.
Let all the world learn together to find out
this truth,the whole truth,and nothing but the truth!

God bless Taiwan

cheng Kuang Chen


US DOS repeated a few times saying Taiwan is not a sovereign state and ROC does not own the sovereignty of Formosa and Pescadores.

The truth is the truth, and no one can change the history.

Now, many Formosans started to ask themselves as well as to USA, then, who we are? It is the time for USA, at least, to help Formosan to find out who they are!

Cheng-Kuang Chen

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