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January 20, 2009


Dennis Baron

More on the oath flub and do-over on the Web of Language: Strict constructionist Chief Justice flubs oath, Obama presidency survives unscathed:

karen marie

like dennis above, my first thought was "well, what do you expect from a george bush appointee."

competence was never a hallmark of the bush maladministration.

Dennis Baron

That's strict constructionism for you.

Big John

Roberts flubbing his words???? Just remember who appointed him and you'll have the reason.

brian smith

It's amusing that, with the Chief Justice that was the most highly touted as a legal practitioner before the Supreme Court and a president elect who had been a professor of constitutional law, the administration of the oath of office in its prescribed form was such a mess.

Given all the nonsense about the Hawaii birth certificate, how long will it be before some wackaloon files suit arguing that the move from president-elect to actual president was fatally flawed?

Does Chief Justice Roberts have to recuse himself from the case so that it will be dismissed by only 8 to 0 at the SCOTUS level?

This was comic relief in an otherwise smooth ceremony, apart from the poetry that left me asking for Maya Angelou's return. If foolish lawsuits get filed, the dividends will just keep coming. Washington is paying off better than Wall Street right now.

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