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January 19, 2009



Congratulations Dr. Ogletree. You are a hard working and deserving man. I will never forget when you first came to Tulsa at TU. You were about to answer questions from the audience. I was in that line and my father was behind me. He asked me what kind of question are you going to ask Dr. Ogltree? My reply was, I am going to ask him to be the attorney for the Tulsa Race Riot surivivors. He turned to me and stated no! You will not call him out like that. He is a very busy man with a lot important things to do. I did not ask the question but, a person behind me did it any way. Dr. Ogletree looked with great interest at that point and the rest is history. Thanks Doc for all that you have done of the years for our beloved survivors, and our city who have yet to learn.

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