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December 12, 2008



I sure hope that the Prosecutors of this case are disbarred as well.

Sheilah Blanco

I'd like to submit that it was revealed in that case that the prosecution (the government) filed false evidence, withheld proof of innocence, and introduced BRIBED (with immunity of prosecution) witnesses into court. And contractors admitted to padding their bills to VECO, and Bill Allen (so the remaining 1/3 of that $250K in question could very well be a price considerably less still) The judge (a democrat?) refused to throw the case out regardless of how the prosecution bungled it.

I think they even filed the indictments wrong too!!!! I could be mistaken, but the fact they indicted a man for 7 counts of corruption without doing their homework first shows fault in the indictments.

This is a perfect example of how someone can be railroaded by the government. The fact the Stevens' had receipts paid in full for over 2/3 of that so called $250 thousand. Were NOT given bills for much of the remaining and very questionable 1/3, so were not aware of them. seems to be completely dismissed by the courts and the press alike! That's the crime of moral turpidude!

They received goods and services they didn't WANT. Ted Stevens and his wife are not construction contractors, they're lawyers. How would they know they got a "gift" in contractual services if they never saw the bill? Sen. Stevens erroneously let his "friend" Bill Allen oversee those renovations...he thought that he could trust him.

But it's obvious that even in D.C. he is the victim of false friends and snakes in the grass. I think the fact this article about the courts revoking his law license can be written proves that. Can't even wait for the results of his appeal can they?

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