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December 08, 2008



Looks like Klayman's site, is down. Anyone know what's going on? Funny stuff is happening on the web. Sites are disappearing right and left.


I've been a supporter of Judicial Watch. I received the letter from Klayman asking for donations. It seems to me if he really wanted to fight Obama's socialist policies he would make amends with JW instead of slamming them! Sounds to me like his main purpose might be his own self-interests???


Klayman doesn't seem to know the difference between socialist, a political theory, and socialize, which is learning to work and play with others. In point of fact, Klayman would seem an embarrassment to the craft of lawyering. Isn't he also the guy who sued his mother? Lastly, why are you wasting perfectly good pixels by running a story about this guy?


One would think there is a better way to expend one's time and energy and that of others. Egos can really get in the way of good thinking and rational.

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