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December 12, 2008



The Republicans ALWAYS want different standards applied to themselves. Ordinary people have to obey the law and respond to subpoenas but Republicans don't.

Bill from Fairfax

Plankbob & Alan: when was the last time a republican president was impeached for lying during a judicial proceeding? Or a republican governor indicted for selling senatorial offices to the highest bidder? Neither party has a monopoly on seediness. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Professor Smartass

Republicans lack all sense of shame and irony. At the beginning of Bush's second term, the Republican Senate confirmed a war criminal who had crafted a policy approving of torture. Even in the case of Alito, they voted for a Supreme Court nominee who didn't believe in three co-equal branches of government or checks and balances. The Republicans have no credibility on these issues, and their party only survives because they are the tools of the very wealthy, and those patrons own the media and tell one set of servants not to attack the other.


So, the Repug thuggery criminal cabal want the rules change now that they're in the minority. What's new in upside-down world. They still think that the quivering Democrats will cower to their every whim despite their majority position. With the DLC set up as the Repug wing of the Democratic Party I'm not so sure that we'll see any change in the way Congress conducts the business for Business.

Alan Vander Wey

Look at the crappy justices that the Republican process presented. We need to look for ways to improve not play games.

Tim Hollis

There are standards for confirming an attorney general? Could'a fooled me.

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