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November 04, 2008



This 'trial' had nothing to do with crime,only turning red states into blue ones. Point:Franklin Raines,Johnson,and Gorelick,and 200 inspectors destroyed Fannie Mae/Freddie Mae,wiped out the entire housing industry by 'cooking the books' ala Enron,ruined wall street,the US economy while millions lost millions and their jobs. Are these people recieving justice like Enron CeoAndrew Fastow? No,Raines was out campaining for Obama. Other poloticians covered up ala Water Gate and won reelection for themselves and their party.

C. Perrine

Between a biased media, the venom in the blogosphere, and the influence of crime as entertainment shows such as Nancy Grace, the entire jury system in this country has been poisoned and can no longer be trusted to reach fair and impartial verdicts. A nation that spends more money prosecuting and imprisoning its citizens than it spends on national defense and/or education is a nation on the fast track to becoming a police state.


Wow. Sounds like what you hear from juries in other publicized cases. They actually do pay attention.

Well, except when they are sleeping.

Here's the question: since it sounds like jurists were snoozing during parts of the trial, would that (jury inattentiveness) be a ground for appeal?

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