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November 03, 2008



Since she was not part of the final deliberating jury, her actions or her reasons for leaving should not effect the verdict that the jury ultimately gave. Though I am suprised that she was not held in contempt of court for her actions.


What injustice? The juror unable to reason with any logic was dismissed from the jury...I think the story hints fairly strongly as to why the judge thought another option besides jail would be best, "Hinnant was clutching a stack of papers—mainly handwritten notes—that she says are lawsuits she has tried to file over the years."


How can there be any confidence in the verdict in this case? This is such a disgrace of the entire Justice system!!!
The indictment should be dismissed given all the injustice in this case.


Why is this woman not in jail for contempt of court or perjury?

It is obvious that the Federal Government has botched this trial from one end to the other. The prosecutor should be fired. The agents should join her as well.

As for the judge it is quite obvious that he had no control over the jury and is incompetent as well.

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