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October 17, 2008



I love watching the liberals who now condemn last-minute litigation by the Republicans, condemn lower courts that give them TROs messing with state law, and praise the Supreme Court or any circuit court that lifts such a TRO.

Weren't these same people the ones filing lawsuits the last time, praising the TROs, and howling when courts lifted them?


Frank Goudy

The deceit in this matter is with those who make a mockery of our election process and my vote. In this case that is ACORN. In my state of Illinois the Chicago Democratic Party has consistently been involved in vote fraud and anybody stuck in a "truth machine" would have to admit it.

More of the same. Did all of the Justices vote on this or was in "in the hands" of a single judge with the other Justices automatically approving this decision? Anybody know the answer?


MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD in November, because in many states there is no safeguard? Our voter system has become compromised because of the 13 to 30 million illegal aliens in our nation. Do you really think that our corrupted government is going to give you accurate numbers of illegal aliens. I blame both parties, the Liberal-Socialist judges that have allowed this to happen, because anybody, just ANYBODY can say they have citizenship status?

With ACORN violating our laws, and other ominous entities, how can we expect an honest vote in two weeks. Many states do not have the resources to check, who has a legal right to vote? What's going to stop millions of illegal foreign nationals from uttering perjury, that can be located in any Post Office, Department of Motor Vehicles or even in a rural court house. As an Independent is it even worth voting, when our US constitution has become just a piece of paper by Liberal judges.

Read what Rep. Tom Tancredo (CO) Interview at YALE UNIVERSITY about the illegal immigrant occupation of our country: IT WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT THIS EVER INCREASING PLAGUE.

Some five million fraudulent home mortgages are in the hands of illegal aliens, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The middle class already overburdened with war appropriation funds, is still force to pay for the education, free health-care and Federal, state welfare handouts for illegal criminals and millions of illegal alien families. SIGN UP FOR THE SAVE ACT(H.R.4088) enforcement 'ONLY' law at

SIGN JUDICIAL WATCH, A LEGAL ORGANIZATIONS PETITION, TO RESCIND ALL 'SANCTUARY CITIES & STATES. / source. to Petition the SAVE ACT. For immigration facts not propaganda or lies,

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