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October 13, 2008

Comments | Execellence in Personal Injury Compensation

Excellent Blog Keep it up and the blog !


Update US v Campbell New ruling from commissioner of appeals
I may attack state court process that lead to US v Campbell
Since I am blind, being able to read case law might be a good thing at this time.

I proved my point, not sure if I want to file the appeal now, if I win that will be a cert , why 5000.00 such orders per day in all states . One thousand per day in the Cal courts all attach guns without any proof of harm

Federal court Judge Shubb Sac court, I understand those judges are running an assembly line US V Campbell CR S 03- -0483 wbs gg hp


Hmmmmmm? I would suggest that DC protesteth too much. If I were on the Court, I would take the opportunity to apply the Award DC suggests for Gura et al, to the Attorneys that prepared the supporting 50 Amicus Curia Briefs, and, charge those in opposition a like amount for their stupifying flights of fancy.

Gura, et al, of course, should be awarded twice the amount they requested for an awe inspiring fight to save America (not bloviating ala OReilly, "just th' facts, Mam, just th' facts").

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