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September 15, 2008




A few thoughts. First, SARBOX didn't pass until 2002, and wasn't in effect during most of Raines' tenure. Next, merely restating the profits does not, in and of itself, mean that criminal activity took place. I agree that Fannie's activities need to looked at carefully, but you've reached conclusions before we have the facts.



Hopefully, they have the Attorney General reviewing criminal charges against the former Frannie execs - Franklin Raines, I recall, took in over $38 million and then all profits had to be restated - How is this not a Sarbanes oxley violation? How is this complete failure to oversee, in this case, FannieMae, not a criminal act? Is this different than what Bernard Ebbers did at MCI? Shouldn't executives of GSE's that materially mislead the financial markets face the same consequences for their actions as executives of "regular" public companies?

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