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August 29, 2008


Patricia Peters

Experienced? Sounds like just another Maverick opinion. If you aren't from a minority group, you can easily find another job. Serve on McCain's committee to promote his presidency, He needs you, we don't need him or your boo hoo comments. Everyone deserves a second chance, even Jack.


Why go through the trouble. Bush will only pardon him anyway.

Dr. Gene Nelson

What about the millions of experienced American citizen technical professionals who had their careers destroyed by the actions of Microsoft lawyer - lobbyist Jack Abramoff - and his "Team Abramoff?" Will Judge Huvelle hear the heartbreaking testimony of these American citizens before sentencing Mr. Abramoff?

BLT readers may learn more of the details by reading my January 2008 investigative article, "The Greedy Gates Immigration Gambit."

See also my Op-Ed in the 21 August 2008 Washington, DC Examiner.

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