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August 10, 2008


Gloria Wolk

I am tired of those who talk about illegal immigrants, as if this was breaking a law that had any value. We used to have laws that kept people enslaved; I would have been proud to be part of "the Underground Railroad" that helped slaves travel to where they could live free. We used to have laws that prohibited women from voting--even after former African-American slaves were granted the right to vote. We used to have laws that prohibited people of color from sitting on a jury, and people of mixed races from marrying.

Sometimes laws are unjust because the reflect current biases or a society that used to be, and need changing.

Peter M. Hemming

The people involved with these case load issues should read "Uncle Juan's Cabin"--a novel which projects what the USA might be like in a few years in light of immigration issues we currently face.



Marvin Gaye

Stop blaming bad lawyering for the big amount of caseload. Stop deporting immigrants and taking them away from their families.


Whenever you post an idea remotely related to immigration you get a response like the one above. It is unresponsive to the question at hand.

I believe the Circuit Courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals are playing the "blame game" with the Immigration Lawyer being the end of the stick. What I see is a group of Immigration Judges who refuse to "self-regulate" the behavior of their fellow Immigration Judges. And then there are the Immigration Judges who you can tell by their work-ethic hate their jobs or have lost interest in their profession years-ago.

Then you add to the fact, like FEMA once was, that the EOIR has become a dumping ground for Republican Political Appointees. All this leads to the Immigration Court we have today. Ineffective Judges who have lost interest in due process or have no immigration law experience and position reflect their past loyalty to the Republican Party.

When it comes to the practice of Immigration Law, we must deal with those obstacles and our own clients. While the Immigration Law Bar can "weed" out ineffective attorneys through the us of the State Disciplinary Administrator, no such process exists for Immigration Judges or ICE Trial Attorneys. While the EOIR list on their web-site Attorneys disbarred, we have not idea of which ICE Trial Attorneys have been reprimanded by the Office of Profession Responsibility at the DOJ. Until the day that the Private Immigration bar, ICE Attorneys, and Immigration Judges are held to the same standard the Immigration Bar attorney fighting for his client will always be somewhat "ineffective."

Mayan Elconejo..

Howard Hudson

The courts know what it takes to fix this: Take the time to adjudicate every case on its merits. Time-consuming? Sure, but then, how else can we uphold the "Rule of Law"? Anything less would be "illegal." And that certainly could not be the goal of anyone in the US.

Once we begin adjudicating every case on its merits, with counsel or pro se, then we can gauge the true cost of an enforcement-only approach. And, it won't cost any more than any alternative because all those immigrants who are a drain on society will be out of circulation. Whew! That will be a relief, I am sure.

And when the government violates the law, I am sure society will demand that we do right by the immigrant, because that is what is meant by upholding the Rule of Law. It goes both ways.

However, the dialogue over immigration, here in the premier nation of immigrants, will not advance until we lose the hateful vocabulary that reduces humans to a status. Calling a mother, father, daughter, or son "an Illegal" is a means to dehumanize what is human.

And focusing on immigration to the exclusion of every other issue we have today is nothing more than a distraction, a preoccupation. We need security from people who would do us harm, not do us lunch. We need economic expansion, not jail expansion. We need workers willing to do the "Dirty, Dangerous, and Disgusting" work, not employers who treat all workers as dirty, dangerous, and disgusting. It's time for a real solution that realizes Social Security needs immigrants, our economy needs immigrants, our society needs immigrants. And if someone is willing to risk everything they have to try to make it here, we should understand no wall, no jail, and no amount of thinly-veiled racism will keep them out.


There should be no excuses for violations of any Immigration law, or any law. That includes Section 274 felonies under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act, INA 274A(a)(1)(A): they broke Federal law. It states, "..a person (including a group of persons, business, organization, or local government) When a citizen or permanent resident breaks a law, if caught we immediately end up in front of a judge.

I have been reading more and more the lenient sentences illegal aliens get or even a slap on the hand. Obama, McCain, Governors, Mayors, Councilors, City managers take notice! 80 percent of the American people are watching! Our police departments have had their hands tied, by Liberal-Socialist state assembly's who are pandering to the illegal alien special interest lobbyists. Not just Postville, Iowa meatpacking facility are in violation of the law, but thousands of other pariah businesses. These labor centers should be checked by ICE, for illegal immigrants. Many of these facilities are funded with taxpayer money, which is also violating the law. How many more nefarious companies out their, violating safety and immigration laws. When ICE knocks on the door eventually--as they will, under the Federal SAVE ACT (H.R.4088).

NUMBERSUSA, CAPSWEB have all the answers to the pestilence called OVERPOPULATION. Voter Fraud! A real possibility in NOVEMBER?

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