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June 20, 2008



The above comments are nonsensical.

Judge Silberman has served his country in numerous capacities, not least of which was his co-chairing the Robb-Silberman Commission on intelligence and WMD report (see:

If the above comments are true, how did Secretary Shalala (Clinton administration HHS Secretary) serve Republican administrations? Was she a mole?

We could really use less of this conspiracy theorizing here and elsewhere.


Silberman received the award because he is the godfather of the Administration's unprecedented, sweeping assertions of Executive Power. He stays in the shadows, but the likes of John Yoo (Silberman's former clerk), David Addington, et al all got their strategic direction from Silberman. Whether it's the president's supposed power to ignore the law on torture, to engage in warrantless surveillance in contravention of FISA, or to issue signing statements negating key parts of laws he signs, Silberman is the intellectual author of these dangerous and unAmerican pretentions to monarchical powers. Heck, he even testified that FISA was an unconstitutional constraint on presidential perogatives back in the 1970s, so his antipathy to any law that serves as a check on the executive has been longstanding. Legal Times and the rest of the media have simply not looked.

C. W.

We all know why he got it, he's been subservient to Republican presidents since meeting with representatives of Iran on behalf of Reagan (behind Jimmy Carter's back.)

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