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May 07, 2008



Scalia should have thought more about his concern "that judges should not make public spectacles of themselves" before the Bush v. Gore decision and his subsequent glib remarks on that case.

And this:

keith francis

The most disturbing quote from the Lamb interview was when Scalia referred to a skilled public defender from "Podunk" and said that she was wasting her talents.

Simon Dodd

Tony, I really don't know about your second paragraph. He said the same thing - almost verbatim, actually - on Stan Pottinger's "Beyond Politics" show two years ago! Here's the transcript (from

"POTTINGER: Recently you’ve said look, I’m going to make myself available more to the public. Why are you doing that?

"SCALIA: I- I’ve just sort of given up. I mean, I, you know, I stayed out of uhm... interviews like this, for example, uhm... not because I’m- I’m any more secretive and private a person. Uh... It wasn’t a Greta Garbo uh... phenomenon. Uh... Rather, it was my- my belief in accord with a tradition of- of Anglo-Saxon judges, that judges should not make public spectacles of themselves, that they should not be on the front pages, that courts in a democracy should- should be in the background. I mean, you’re gonna be on the front page whether you like it or not and uh... if you do not appear personally, uh... you can be demonized a lot more readily uh... than- than if you uh... if you appear occasionally and so on."

It's wonderful that Scalia is getting out more, and certainly he has been more visible than he once was, but in this post (and other recent commentary, IIRC), I think you've somewhat overstated just how new and how sudden all this has been.

Daniel Briggs

Any chance Scalia's newfound openness will translate to cameras in the Court? Or is Breyer's "over-my-dead-body" statement too strong to overcome?

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