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May 30, 2008



Not quite. DOJ Civ Rights was the most sanctioned division of DOJ under Clinton. It was politically biased as hell - you could generally only get an interview through their honors program if you worked at NAACP, MALDEF, or National Lawyers guild. Nobody said boo, until Bush tried to reorient it more centrist. Then hell broke loose. But don't claim that the inner sanctum of holy ground was infiltrated by unclean hands after 2000 - CivRights was corrupt long before that.

Mace Windu

A long time ago. In a galaxy far, far, away.

Two evil Republican Sith Lords infiltrated a government agency responsible for protecting the voting rights of American's most vulnerable citizens. The Sith Lords entrusted the agency to an unholy Trinity of racist, opportunistic Apprentices, who promptly went about the business of purging benevolent and courageous Jedi analysts and attorneys from the agency's roster. Those who were left behind were forced to endure the horrors of a hostile work environment and a 180 degree shift in policy.

But suddenly, a bold and daring band of heroes emerged, one with a video camera and an account on YouTube, others on political internet blogs, who shone light in the darkest crevices of the agency and exposed the corruption from within. The unholy Trinity was disbanded and balance came to the universe, once again.

...But the saga continues on.

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