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May 05, 2008



Tonight's episode reminded me of a game I stumbled upon, in my Democratic web wanderings...a real crack up:


I was embarassed and disgusted by the BL episode. To think that some people, not too familiar with "THE Court" may actually believe it is possible for attys to go off on the S. Ct. like that. I am a liberal but even I have to draw the line with the incredible disrespect and outright misperception the BL episode may leave many laymen with. It was so hard to watch. I actually had to leave the room.

W.R. Chambers

I wish the issues Alan Shore (James Spader) raised would be addressed again in another Boston Legal episode. If the Supreme Court initiated disciplinary proceedings against Shore for his conduct before the court, the arguments about the propriety of his arguments could be fascinating.


I watch BL and I do not get my news from DKos. What a ridiculous retort DCLawyer.

Yes, it is political, and the state BL represents (MA) is very liberal. It is not a far fetched idea to think a lawyer would hold the political views of Alan Shore.


Boy, this sounds horrible. My wife and I watched that show for about two years when every episode became nothing but a political soapbox. Does anyone watch this show anymore? Or just when they're taking a break from getting their news from Daily Kos?

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