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March 25, 2008


Daniel Briggs

Let's see if I understand this correctly. Prof. Kmiec is against abortion, in favor of traditional marriage, and supports a constitutionally-restrained judiciary...but he goes with Obama merely because the latter is "not closed to understanding opposing points of view." Is that all it takes to support someone vying for the most powerful position on Earth?

"[Obama] is tolerant of [abortion], though importantly, not approving of it." That is a distinction without a difference, Professor. Either way, millions of unborn children die. Would a similar argument have been made by those who stood idly by while millions of Jews were slaughtered at Dachau and other concentration camps? Did their "tolerance without approval" exonerate them for their complicity?

How sad to see such a respected and distinguished man sacrifice his reputation on the altar of bipartisanship for a candidate whose policies veer far left of the center he claims to represent.

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