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February 15, 2008


Big Boy

Clements gets "special treatment" because he is part of the Supreme Court "insiders" group. It is unfair for the court to allow one "side" 45 minutes and the other side only 30. It looks like favoritism and undercuts the appearance that "Justice" is dispensed evenhandedly at the Supreme Court. It will really weaken the perceived legitimacy of any anti-individual or empty-individual right decision among the 3/4 of Americans who still believe the Law stands for something other than unfettered judicial choice.


I am not a lawyer, so this may be naive but why does the Clement get time?
This is a case where the Court specifically asked a question on the 2nd Amendment
Article V says the Congress proposes amendments and the Stares ratify. The Executive has nothing to do with it. Once it is a law, the Executive through DoJ enforces the Constitution. If anyone should get time other than Dellinger and Gura it should be Cruz for the States and Halbrook for the Congress.


"It would have meant that two lawyers would be advancing two different positions on behalf of the executive branch."

Would it? Cheney signed the brief in his capacity as President of the Senate; he didn't endorse the brief "on behalf of the executive branch."

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