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June 08, 2007


charles jay

thank goodness we have an appeal process to save us from the assholes on this conference who would do away with judge and jury whenever it contradicts their edict on whose guilty and whose not... Here's a summer reading assignment for the children: The U.S. Constitution (as amended)

Bil Biloxi

Desperate people do desperate things. And that is what is happening to Libby and his defense. The defense team is wasting time and riding a dead horse in trying to bail out their client. To challenge Fitzgerald's appointment as Special Prosecutor is ridiculous. If the law professors could just find their brain in the closet, then they can go back and reread the August 2005 memo by James Comey to his assistant DAG given authority to Fitzgerald in the leak investigation. Ashcroft at the time recused himself from the investigation and gave authority to Comey. A caveman blind in one eye knows the law professors are the last resort to prolong the "free Scooter" lovefest. Libby belongs in prison for his crimes.

ed pefferman

Scooter Libby should be shot as a traitor not jailed as a liar.
His boss, ElDuce should be hung from a lamp post

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