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May 07, 2007


The Negotiator

The lack of reliable information regarding the capabailitie of defense attornies is amazing. How this guy has gotten where he is is beyond me. This guy was first and foremost, and remains first and foremost, a prosecutor. He really belongs in the USAGs office. He has no passion for his work; a typical government worker coming out to make a buck.

I beg anyone to identify one case in which he has gotten a favorable outcome for his client. His distain for this client in particular is written all over his face everytime he is on TV. He goes out of his way to let everyone know, through non-verbal cues, that he really doesn't believe or approve of his clients behavor. In short, he thinks he is better than they are. What type of message does that send a jury? Further, he is so arrogant he doesn't realize that people can read him like a book. He's a good little prosecutor.

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