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June 10, 2013



This is aside from any merit pay earned by an employee. This has to do with equal pay for equal work, which the system was not designed to do. Social standards said men were supposed to be the head of the households, thus their earned income should be enough to support that responsibility. When women entered the workforce in larger numbers, they were already considered inferior and their employment was seen as supplemental and they didn't "need" as much money as men, so they weren't paid as much, and men were bumped up to more supervisory roles to justify their pay. Shift the paradigm again, and now women have better access to jobs AND education. Couple that with tenure in the work place and credentials, now they deserve higher pay in a system that was never designed for their participation in the first place. It is the old adage "be twice as good to be seen as equal". We are still playing catch up from an antiquated mindset...and we still have a long way to go.

John Reagan

The government doesn't decide for employers who is a good employee, bad, etc., and it never has. Appropriately, the government, through its republican form of government (us) has decided that employers may not discriminate, and has put it in the hands of juries (us) to decide whether or not it is taking place. That is for the good of (all of us) employers and employees alike. And thank goodness!

Rick Wylie

The Equal Pay Act is designed to eliminate pay discrepancies due to gender. If a characteristic other than gender is the reason for a pay difference between a man and a woman it is not illegal. When a poor performing male is paid the same as a poor performing female for the same job,the EPA will not be necessary.

Darren McKinney

The government is in no position to decide for employers who or what is a bad employee, a good employee or an outstanding employee. Thus the government having any say whatsoever in determining whether any particular employee is to be paid X or Y is absurd on its face. And folks wonder why employers are reluctant to create jobs.

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