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May 16, 2013


ELois P. Clayton

ALERT! ALL phone conversations(surrounding ALL facilities), ARE RECORDED and should be ALLOWED in testimonies(as they should be concerning the WRITTEN COMPLAINTS filed against employees at CMHC employees)!
ALERT! I have FALSELY been accused(by Joe Harper(Unit C Director) AND by the HD. Administrator's secretary(Lisa).
I am inclined to believe that this is ANOTHER attempt to stop my visits and participation in my brother David's TPR(phone conferences), which I(his family), has a RIGHT to be included.
As the have stated(in their attempt to munipulate and COVER their assaults on David and us), "it is David's decision to have whom he chooses to be on his TPR's".
David signed a document maiking I that TPR person recipient and CMHC, has/still IS, attempting to intimidate him /confuse him on it being HIS right, to choose!

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