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May 08, 2013



Get your eyes checked and/or learn to read, Mr. Radicalism. The word used is "racialist," as in one who would divide the American people along racial lines with manufactured devices such as disperate impact analysis.


"ColorBlindJustice": Radicalist? Is your spellchecker not functioning? 'Cause that ain't a word. Oh, and you're an idiot; Tom Perez is a brilliant, fair lawyer and a great public servant.


Well, Rick, there was once a time when presidents knew better than to nominate communist racialists for cabinet posts.


Just another example of Tyranny from the Minority...

There was once a time when nominations and legislation needed 51 votes for confirmation/pass legislation...Since 1/20/09 everything now needs 60 votes & the filibuster has been abused to a level never seen before...Even during the times of reconstruction, succession, slavery, (not exactly non-controversial issues) the filibuster was rarely used...

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