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May 17, 2013



One could ask, is what's good for the goose equally good for the gander?

It's alleged that "politics in the division was affecting the division from working efficiently" is a good enough reason to deem Perez unsatisfactory as Division chief.
So, how about the fact that "politics in the [H.E.L.P. Committee] was affecting [it] from working efficiently" as a good enough reason to deem Lamar Alexander unsatisfactory as its ranking party leader?

No chief of any organization can prevent freedom of political speech and thought from imposing complications on the organization. If Perez could/can manage those complications, so much the better - and I'm sure his experiences have been useful. But politics is not his fault.


Angela Davis would have a better chance of escaping the maw of filibuster and being confirmed by the full Senate than would the Marxist and divisive racialist Tom Perez.

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