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April 02, 2013


ELois P. Clayton

ALERT! After OVER (19) years of "UNFOUNDED" LIES, my family, has gotten our complaint 'SUBSTANTIATED', OPENING the door, for other complaints to be seen as 'MORE LIKELY THAN NOT', that these assaults and other abuses/'Human Rights' violations/statue 405 DISABIITIES CODE, that PROHIBITS ABUSE of ANY KIND, 'SUBSTANTIATED' as well!
My family, is ALSO fighting to have a LIE that was put on the internet about our lovedone(David P.);, by(at the time), Elgin(medium) Hospital;lie used to RAILROAD him to CMHC(maximum).
This lie, was cleared up, by the person he was accused of harming;stated to his family, by his then asst. attorney Erica Faaborg, that, it was "scratched OFF his record", yet it still is on the internet;falsly still accusing him, which IS 'DEFAMATION'.
We are fighting to have it REMOVED and for an apology be give to him(in writing), WITH monetary damages awarded.

Ron Miller

The reality is that not every frivolous lawsuit can be kicked out on summary judgement immediately.

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