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April 29, 2013



"Color Blind Justice" really needs to get a new name before it gets him an "Emperor's New Clothes" mass laugh.

Anyone who thinks the U.S. has NOT killed far, far more than 3,000 innocent Muslims in the past decade is in deep ignorance or deep denial. Whether or not they felt terrified is not my call, but I refuse to let "terrorist" be just another word for "Muslim" - and if the shoe fits us, we'd better be ready to wear it. A large part of the world is sizing us up.

Meanwhile, 800 xenophobic incidents against one among several of the world's broadly defined ethnic groups is a lot of DOJ investigations. If that's "not a problem in modern America" I'd like to know how many it takes to be a problem.

So let's not go there. Instead, let's all face the music and get consistent about opposing all prejudice, terror and vigilantism everywhere. There's no need for us to guess how vicious extremist retaliation in Iraq could get if we provoke it; we need not emulate that depravity. We can still each pick our own favorite terror to oppose, yet remain united on our principles.


Please, "Arizona rat," the murder of one Sikh in Arizona 12 years ago hardly constitutes a nationwide wave of anti-Muslim violence. Mr. Holder irresponsibly aids the Islamic radicals' propaganda machine when he implies otherwise.

Imagine if a dozen American terrorists killed nearly 3,000 Muslims in, say, Iran, one morning next week. Do you suppose any peaceful, law-abiding, non-terrorist Americans in Iran would survive for so much as another couple of days thereafter? The problem with xenophobic, sectarian violence is not a problem in modern America, and the attorney general is a disgraceful traitor to pretend for political purposes that it is.

Michael Caldwell

Clearly Holder's first priority has been protecting immigrants (legal or otherwise), and most especially Muslims. Too bad he hasn't assigned an equal priority to protecting the people of Boston. His decision to file the charges when he did precluded vital intelligence interrogation which could have fatal consequences. This either is malicious or incompetence --or both!

Arizona rat

A Sikh filling station owner was murdered in our community shortly after the 9-11 attacks, under the mistaken belief that this small businessman was somehow to blame for the Al Qaida-claimed deliberate slaughter. Ignorance and fear are as dangerous as actual terrorists, if people act violently on them.
This is not a matter of photo ID. This is a matter of opposing those who would take the law into their own hands to wreak their frustration on others, without a basis in fact.
You lead a good life if you have not seen that kind of hate.


Mr. Holder's strawman suggestion that Muslim Americans might somehow be in need of protection from American mobs is shamelessly akin to his pre-election rhetoric about the "disenfranchisement" of minority voters by those insisting, God forbid, that all voters use a state-provided picture ID to prove they are who they say they are. If this isn't the most willfully divisive and politicized Justice Department in history, I don't know which one was.

No Kumbaya

Kinda hard to hold hands when he's got a detonator in each hand!

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